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A-ha,AC/DC,AFI,Alter Bridge,Audioslave,Avenged Sevenfold,Badly Drawn Boy,Billy Joel,Black Sabbith,Blue Man Group,Boston,Coheed and Cambria,Creed,Daft Punk,David Bowie,Death Cab For Cutie,Deep Purple,Disturbed,Dream Theater,Drowning Pool,Eiffel 65,Electric Light Orchestra,Elton John,Evanesance,Fall Out Boy,Foo Fighters,Franz Ferdinand,Green Day,H.I.M,Hawthorne Heights,Hot Hot Heat,Kansas,Keane,Korn,Marilyn Manson,Metallica,Mika,Modest Mouse,Muse,My Chemical Romance,Nine Inch Nails,Nirvana,Panic! At The Disco,Paul Revere and the Raiders,Pink Floyd,Queen <3,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Rick Wakeman,Scott Stap,Slipknot,Supertramp,System of a Down,The Beatles,The Clash,The Darkness,The Killers,The Proclaimers,The Raconteurs,The White Stripes,The Who,They Might Be Gaints,Twisted Sister,Weird Al Yankovic


Monty Python and the Holy Grail,Monty Python's Life of Brian,Monty Python's the Meaning of Life,Spaceballs,Young Frankenstien,Blazing Saddles,Chicago,Pirates of Pinzance,Singing in the Rain,Amadeus,1776,Labryinth,The Nightmare Before Christmas,Corpse Bride,Sleepy Hollow,Edward Scissor Hands,Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,Van Helsing,The Mummy,The Mummy Returns,House of Wax,Finding Nemo,The Brave Little Toaster,The Spongebob Movie,The Prodcuers,Pirates of the Carribean,The Birdcage,The Boys Next Door,Tu Wong Fu Thanks For Everything,Weekend at Bernies,Airplane,Rocky Horror Picture Show,Shock Treatment,Yellow Submarine,Help!,Hard Days Night,X-Men,Men In Black,Star Wars(All of them except 2 and 3 they were icky 2 and 3 as in the most recent ones),Benny and Joon,Prarie Home Companion,Night At The Meauseam(yes I probably spelled that wrong),Open Season,Triplets De Belleville,Still Crazy,School of Rock,Dracula,Love At First Bite,Time Line,Jurassic Park(only the first one the others sucked)Jaws(again only the first one)Second Hand Lions,Without A Clue,Young Sherlock Holms,Galaxy Quest,Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings,George of the Jungle,The Ruttles,Splitting Heirs,Ghost Busters,Dogma,Tommy,Moulin Rouge

TV Shows and Brit-Coms

House MD,Ghost Hunters,Most Haunted,Two and a Half Men,Golden Girls,The Nanny,Dharma and Greg,Will and Grace,Spin City,News Radio,Home Improvement,Full Hous,Surreal Life,Spongebob,Fairy Odd Parents,Invader Zim,Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,Fosters Home For Imaginary Freinds,The Thin Blue Line,Jeeves and Wooster,Blackadder,Monty Pythons Flying Circus,Faulty Towers,NCIS,Law and Order,Law and Order Criminal Intent,Monk

a lot of my stamps come from this artist check her stuff out shes kewl =)

Im always adding new stamps off deviantart since I dont have a paid account and cant put them in my journal there so they shall go here. Keep checking back more to come.

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